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Your Retirement Investments

Retirement is a big step, but it's just another part of the journey.  When you're ready to unlock the value of your 401k or other plans to meet your goals, ACG Financial Planners are here to help - and financial plans are included.


What are the potential benefits of a 401k Rollover?

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Increased Flexibility

An ACG Rollover IRA offers access to investments outside of your current 401k.  This may benefit your financial plan through additional flexibility.

Lower Fund Costs

Rollover IRAs offer low-cost options to grow your plan balance beyond retirement. ACG Planners will work with you to build the right portfolio.

Plan Withdrawals

Rollover IRAs can be set up for distribution of income at virtually any interval.  Ask us today about the various distribution options!

401k Rollover Options

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Your Need for Income.

If you do not intend to draw from your 401k immediately, you may benefit from a Rollover IRA by letting assets grow.

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Your Age & Occupation.

Your rollover decision will be affected by your age and whether you choose to work past retirement.

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Your Assets & Net Worth.

High income or high net worth families can access investments not available in 401k plans.  Talk to us if these may be a fit.

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Your Estate Plan.

Do you plan to leave assets for the next generation?  A Rollover decision must factor in your estate plan.

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Your Social Security.

Drawing from a 401k early may trigger additional taxation of your Social Security benefits in the form of extra income.

401k Rollover Considerations

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Your Financial Plan will determine if a Rollover IRA is appropriate for you.

To register for a complementary Rollover IRA evaluation, click the link to register for our plan software.  One of our ACG Planners will be here to help!

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